4854 Doc Ock's Hideout is a Spider-Man set released in 2004. It consists of a model of the warehouse on the water that Doc Ock's turned into a lab. Harry Osborn's boat is also included. Description Edit This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product's page)

Can Spider-Man save Mary Jane?

Doc Ock has kidnapped Mary Jane and taken her back to his hideout at an abandoned pier. Spider-Man™ is on his way to save her, and so is Harry Osborn in his speedboat! But can they get there before Ock uses his awesome fusion machine? Use the catapult to get Spider-Man there fast! Includes Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, fusion machine, speedboat, and more.

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Mininfigures Included Edit

Spider-Man (Dark Blue variation)Peter ParkerDoc Ock (Smiling face)Mary Jane Watson (Sweater)Harry Osborn (Blue Suit)



  • This is the biggest Spider-Man set ever released.
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