Adrian Toomes is a member of Trask Industries and Bolivar Trask's associate.


As a member of Trask Industries, Toomes worked on helping fund the Venom project. He always believed Richard Parker was a genius, ten years ahead of the go.

Several years later, he saw the suit being worn by Eddie Brock and contacted Trask about it. They soon captured Eddie three months later and offered to help him control the suit. Eddie explained that getting close to Spider-Man was giving him more control of the suit and this led Trask to learn that Spider-Man was Richard's son.

He later obtained a sample of the Venom suit from the Beetle and questioned Peter if he had ever worn the Venom suit himself. He replied yes, but only for a few hours, and Toomes explained the particles in him wanted to bond with Brock's suit and injected the sample into Peter. He was turned into Carnage and knocked out Toomes.