Alex O'Hirn is the Rhino.


At some point, Alex transformed into the Rhino and was locked up. The Rhino escapes his maximum security prison after Spider-Man takes out numerous crooks. Later on, Spider-Man and Rhino meet multiple times in Oscorp. After Spider-Man defeats several crooks trying to make a jail break at the Maximum Security Prison in New York, Rhino breaks out and starts a fight with Spider-Man. Rhino then makes a run for it and is caught in a laser cage made by the police. Spider-Man engages Rhino in the cage and makes him smash into the cage until its power wears down. Rhino eventually gets through the cage completely after Spider-Man dodges him once more, but the villain is defeated when he rams a pole into a gas station that blows up and sends Rhino flying away from the blast. Rhino's unconscious body is taken by Doctor Octopus, leaving Spider-Man to take down the fire with fire hydrants. Rhino is later seen again in the game when Doctor Octopus attacks Oscorp, and Spider-Man has to fight Rhino in a generator room, defeating him by making him smash into six generators that electrocute him into submission. However, Rhino meets up with Spider-Man again in a small room with four tubes containing (what seems to be) liquid nitrogen. Evading Rhino, Spider-Man destroys the tubes and escapes the room as it freezes leaving Rhino frozen in the chamber.

He is later freed by the Scorpion and used by Dr. Stillwell in the Scorpion Project Rhino accidentally knocks out Scorpion, and runs off. Observing the event, Spider-Man decides to look into MechaBioCon. Spider-Man allies with Scorpion to turn him back to normal. When Spider-Man and Scorpion reach Dr. Stillwell's hideout, Stillwell orders Rhino to destroy them. Rhino defeats Scorpion, but Spider-Man defeats Rhino by tying him up with web lines and dropping several enormous ceiling blocks on top of him, knocking him unconscious.