Aunt May is a minifigure from the Spider-Man theme. She is exclusive to 4854 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery.


Aunt May has a grey ponytail hair piece, a flesh coloured face printined with a face of smiling lady along with several wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, grey eyebrows, lips and eyelids being visible. She also has dark tan torso, dark tan arms, dark tan legs and flesh coloured hands. The front of the torso has printings of a dark tan coat and white scarf hanging from the neck area.


Aunt May Parker is Peter Parker's aunt. She was married to Ben Parker (which later died in a car robbery) and raised Peter Parker after his parent's death. In the first Spider-Man film, she was attacked by The Green Goblin on Thanksgiving Day, after Norman found Peter's secret identity of Spider-Man. In Spider-Man 2 she is held captive by Doctor Octopus after trying to get a free toaster oven from the bank.