Bolivar Trask was the CEO and founder of Trask Industries.


Trask helped Richard Parker and Edward Brock develop the Venom suit to cure cancer, but Trask saw the suit as a way to use the suit as a weapon which led to it getting out of control. He was furious when Richard threw it away, but somehow came into possession of it shortly before Peter Parker's Radio-Active Spider bite.

It was stolen and used by Spider-Man, but was soon returned after he failed to control it. It was stolen again by Eddie Brock and was later called by Adrian Toomes that he saw it. Three months later, he hired Silver Sable and her Wild Pack to capture Eddie Brock, which they did after Spider-Man defeated him and Trask made a deal with Eddie in the suit's birthplace to help test it in aid for removing it. He then set him after Electro in testing it.

After Eddie revealed that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, Trask realized being close to him was giving Brock more control of the suit and ordered them to capture him, but Venom caused Eddie to escape. Trask then hired Beetle to obtain a sample of Venom, then had Toomes do an experiment on him which led to the creation of Carnage.

After Venom became whole, he attempted to kill Trask for all the things he made him do, and Spider-Man forced Trask to tell him about Richard. Trask gave him a file containing everything he knew about what happened ten years ago before Venom showed up and forced him to retreat to a helicopter that he did not know how to fly. He shot gas tanks with his gun which resulted in a fire that burned most of the building during Spider-Man's fight with Venom. When S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, they captured Trask and placed him in a golf course prison for three years. However, Eddie found him there and he was killed for all the things he made him do.