Edward "Eddie" Brock, Jr. is the son of Edward Brock, Sr..


Eddie was born to Edward Brock and his wife and became friends with his mother's best friend and his father's lab partner's son Peter Parker. However, their parents died in a plane crash.

Eddie later showed Peter the Venom suit created by their fathers at Trask Industries. However, Eddie soon found out Peter was Spider-Man and he had stolen and used the suit, which angered him and led him to put on the suit. Venom then fought Peter on a football field and they fell off, and some police officers caused Eddie to walk into a power line. However, to his own surprise, Eddie survived and was left unconscious.

Three months later, he awoke and killed a young woman as Venom, making his way across the city into a diner and destroying Wolverine's motorcycle, which led to him battling and defeating him. The next day, he went past where Spider-Man had arrested Alex O'Hirn which gave him a headache from the particles in Peter and was later attacked by Silver Sable's Wild Pack and he escaped them, making his way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he was defeated by Spider-Man and captured by Sable.

He was brought to Trask Industries, where Trask revealed he would die if he couldn't control the suit and he agreed to help him test it. He was sent after Electro who had just escaped prison and defeated him, almost killing Spider-Man, but was stopped in escaping S.H.I.E.L.D..

He later told Adrian Toomes he had more control over the suit when near Spider-Man, which Toomes reported to Trask. Eddie later escaped Sable and defeated her and her pack, sinking her vessel. The Beetle later attacked Venom in the requirement of a sample from the suit. Venom defeated Beetle, but a sample was taken.

The next day, he arrived during Peter and Sable's battle, triggering Peter's headache again and capturing Sable. Spider-Man eventually caught and defeated him and both were delivered to Trask. Eddie woke when he heard Peter scream as he turned into Carnage and turned into Venom. Venom eventually defeated Carnage and ate the suit, causing him to get total control of the suit from its entire being. He then tried to kill Trask, but was defeated by Spider-Man.

However, Eddie was gone before S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up and made his way to a golf course prison Trask was imprisoned in and killed him. He then made his way up to the top of a building, where the suit fully enveloped him and he jumped off to the police.

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