10075 Spider-Man Action Pack1374 Green Goblin1375 Wrestling Scene
1376 Spider-Man Action Studio4850 Spider-Man's First Chase4851 The Origins
4852 The Final Showdown4853 Spider-Man's Street Chase4854 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery
4855 Spider-Man's Train Rescue4856 Doc Ock's Hideout4857 Doc Ock's Fusion Lab
4858 Doc Ock's Crime Spree4860 Doc Ock's Café Attack65572 Spider-Man Combined Set
851026 Mary Jane Key Chain851027 Spider-Man Key Chain851028 Doc Ock Key Chain
851029 J. Jonah Jameson Key ChainAdrian Toomes (Spider-Man game)Adrian Toomes (Ultimate Spider-Man game)
Alex O'Hirn (Spider-Man 2 game)Alexander O'Hirn (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Ambulance Driver
Aunt MayBen Parker (Spider-Man trilogy)Bolivar Trask
Bone SawBone Saw McGrawCalypso
Camera ManCarnageCriminal
Curtis Connors (Spider-Man trilogy)Dennis Carradine (Spider-Man trilogy)Director
Doc OckEdward Brock, Jr. (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Edward Brock, Sr. (Ultimate Spider-Man game)
Eugene Thompson (Spider-Man trilogy)Felicia Hardy (Spider-Man 2 game)Flash Memory
General SlocumGreen GoblinHarry Osborn (Minifigure)
Harry Osborn (Spider-Man trilogy)Head Over HeelsHerman Schultz (Spider-Man game)
Herman Schultz (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Heroes and VillainsHighway Patrolman
Hunter KillersJ. Jonah Jameson (Minifigure)J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man trilogy)
James Howlett (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Jewel ThiefJohn Jameson
John Jameson (Spider-Man trilogy)Johnny Storm (Ultimate Spider-Man game)K1376 Spider-Man Adventure Kit
K4852 Spider-Man Movie KitKC705 Spider-Man Key ChainKeeping Secrets
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesLaw of the JungleLego
Lego Spider-ManMac Gargan (Spider-Man game)Mary Jane Watson (Minifigure)
Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man trilogy)Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Max Dillon (Spider-Man trilogy)
May Parker (Spider-Man trilogy)Mendel StrommMind Games, Part One
Mind Games, Part TwoNorman Osborn (Minifigure)Norman Osborn (Spider-Man trilogy)
Oscorp (Spider-Man trilogy)Otto Octavius (Spider-Man trilogy)P3114 Spider-Man Pen
Peter Parker (Minifigure)Peter Parker (Spider-Man trilogy)Peter Parker (Ultimate Spider-Man game)
PolicemanQuentin Beck (Spider-Man 2 game)Richard Parker (Ultimate Spider-Man game)
Robbie Robertson (Spider-Man trilogy)Rosalie OctaviusRoyal Scam
Sally ThompsonScientistSecurity Guard
Sergei Kravinoff (Spider-Man game)Silvio Sablinova (Ultimate Spider-Man game)Spider-Man
Spider-Man: The Movie (game)Spider-Man: The New Animated SeriesSpider-Man (film)
Spider-Man (minifigure)Spider-Man 2Spider-Man 2 (game)
Spider-Man Dis-SabledSpiderman WikiStunt-Man
Subway Train ConductorTaxi DriverThe Party
The Sword of ShikataTight SqueezeTrask Industries
Ultimate Spider-Man (game)VenomVenom (Ultimate Spider-Man game)
When Sparks FlyWild Pack
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