Maxwell "Max" Dillon was a nerdy friend of Peter Parker during college years.


Max is a geeky high school friend of Peter Parker who attends Empire State University. Dillon first appears as a college friend of Parker's in the episode "Head Over Heels", in a minor role. In the subsequent episode "The Party", he is transformed into an electrical creature after being covered in an unknown substance and then struck by lightning. He immediately pursues revenge on fellow students who bullied him, even killing their leader, Doug Reisman, before Spider-Man weakened him and forced him to retreat into an underground electrical system. Electro reappears in the episode "When Sparks Fly", where he had been hiding out to regain his power. He planned to transform Sally Thompson, a girl he liked into a being like himself for companionship, but he was trapped in a HVSC (High Voltage Storage Container) battery by Spider-Man, Mary Jane and Harry Osborn, then thrown to the bottom of the Hudson river.

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