Norman Osborne

Norman Osborn was Harry Osborn's father, the former CEO of Oscorp and the first Green Goblin. He was killed when impaled by his own glider.


Early LifeEdit

Norman married someone and gave birth to Harry, though he divorced or lost his wife soon after and run Oscorp.

Green GoblinEdit

He and Dr. Stromm were taking a tour around the industries and one of the miltary generals told Strom that he already seen the glider. They then fired Norman for his unsafe chemicals. He had a plan to test himself with some green gas and now is the Green Goblin and murdered Dr. Strom and has a personality split disorder to fool his enemies. The next part he killed one of the pilots. He was in the meeting knowing that he didn't know how much he sacrificed and one the men said he's out.

While the OSCORP celebration he attacked the building and was about to have Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man kicked him out of his glider and punched all of the cops and Spider-Man blew up his glider and told him he'll be back. The Green Goblin had another plan to used Spider-Man to be bad by his proposal .While Peter's boss, J. Jonah Jameson, was working he grabbed him by the throat wanting him to know who took pictures of Spider-Man and when he was about to kill him, Spider-Man came to save his boss, but to late He used sleeping gas on Spider-Man. He was on the rooftop wanting him to be evil but, Spider-Man refused. After Spider-Man rescued the baby from the burning building, He disguised as a woman and freaked Spider-Man out and battled him with his bat bombs and got knocked out and proclaims no one will say no to him.

That night he had a final plan to attack Spider-Man's heart and after May Parker's prayer, he burned her house. When the children and adults were riding on the trolly he destroyed the bridge out and kidnapped Mary Jane. After the rescue. He threw Spider-Man and punched him hard and taunted him how he's going to finish Mary Jane nice and slow.


Spider-Man used his strength to defeat him and when was about to give him another punch, but Norman told Peter to stop and revealed his identity. Norman used his fake personality into wanting Peter to be his son and when Peter told him he already had a father named "Ben," Norman attempted to kill him with his glider. Peter jumped out of the way and the glider killed Norman instead. Norman's last words to Peter were to not tell Harry.

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