Silvio Sablinova is the leader of the Wild Pack Silver Sable.


Silver Sable and her Wild Pack were hired by Bolivar Trask to capture Eddie Brock wearing the Venom suit. They found him stumbling along and tried to capture him, but he easily escaped them. The next day, she defeated Venom while weakened from battling Spider-Man and took Eddie to Trask.

Later on, she had him tell her who Spider-Man was: Peter Parker. However, Venom quickly took over and attacked her, forcing her to the ground. She was rescued by her Wild Pack and they attacked Venom, but he sunk her ship. She then shot Peter with tranquilizer darts, knocking him out before he woke up and jumped out of her car. She revealed she knew about Mary Jane Watson and May Parker before they fought on a bridge.

Their fight caused people to be put in danger and Sable helped Peter save them before shooting him again, when Venom showed up and captured her. Spider-Man chased Venom down and defeated him before he passed out from the tranquilizer. Sable then took them both to Trask Industries. She approached Spider-Man again as he was chasing Trask, but stated her contract with Trask had expired ten minutes ago and he did not know how to fly the helicopter he was trying to escape in. She then walked away from Trask Industries.

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