Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (also known as MTV Spider-Man) is an American animated series based on the Marvel comic book superhero character Spider-Man, which ran for one season, 13 episodes, starting on July 11, 2003. It is a loose continuation of 2002's Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi.

Series OverviewEdit

The story follows the events of the first Spider-Man film, as Norman Osborn is dead. Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn attend Empire State University. Peter and Mary Jane try to establish a relationship together though without success. At first it is because of Peter's superhero duties, but later it is because Peter begins dating Indira Daimonji. Meanwhile Harry craves revenge on Spider-Man, whom he blames for the death of his father. Peter faces the usual assortment of villains such as Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, and Electro while trying to maintain a job and his studies. However, he faces two psychic twins that ruin everything in the wallcrawler's life, causing Peter to give up being Spider-Man and try to live a normal life.


  1. Heroes and Villains
  2. Royal Scam
  3. Law of the Jungle
  4. The Sword of Shikata
  5. Keeping Secrets
  6. Tight Squeeze
  7. Head Over Heels
  8. The Party
  9. Flash Memory
  10. Spider-Man Dis-Sabled
  11. When Sparks Fly
  12. Mind Games, Part One
  13. Mind Games, Part Two