Trask Industries was a company owned by Bolivar Trask.


Trask Industries helped Richard Parker and Edward Brock's project to cure cancer, though Trask saw it as a weapon for military. After they were killed in a plane crash, Trask Industries recovered the Venom suit and placed it in a vault until it was stolen by Spider-Man though it was later returned and stolen by Eddie Brock. They also created the R.H.I.N.O. and had Alex O'Hirn attack Spider-Man in it.

After Adrian Toomes saw the suit, he contacted Trask and three months later, they had Silver Sable and her Wild Pack capture Eddie and brought him to the suit's birthplace. He helped them defeat Electro, but later escaped Sable thanks to the suit.

Beetle was hired to obtain a sample which he gave to Toomes. Sable soon took Spider-Man and Eddie back to Trask Industries, where Toomes used the sample to turn Peter into Carnage. After Venom absorbed Carnage to become whole, he engaged in a fight with Spider-Man that destroyed most of Trask Industries and Trask was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D..


People hired by Trask IndustriesEdit

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