is a symbiote suit created from Richard Parker's blood.


The Venom suit was created by Richard Parker using his blood along with Edward Brock. They planned to use it to cure cancer, but due to him signing the wrong papers for Bolivar Trask at Trask Industries, they lost control of the suit and Richard ordered Edward to burn the project and they would start new. However, Edward faked throwing it away and tried it on during a plane flight to a conference which caused him to crash the plane. Trask soon recovered the suit and placed it in a vault in his building.

Eddie Brock showed Peter Parker the symbiote and Peter assumed that Trask had stolen it from his father, and stole it from the building. Spider-Man then bonded to the suit and used it in battle, but Venom later took over and caused microscopic particles to be left in his blood. Peter managed to remove it and returned it to Trask Industries, but Eddie found out what he had done and who he really was, and stole the suit, putting it on himself. He then fought Peter, but was weakened and left unconscious for three months, causing the suit to take over several times, once used by Trask for study and tests.

Due to being in close proximity to the suit, the particles in Peter caused him to have headaches whenever he was near Eddie. During a fight with the Beetle, a sample was taken from the suit, which was later injected into Peter which merged with the particles in his body, creating Carnage around him. Venom defeated Carnage soon after and absorbed the Carnage suit into the Venom suit, giving Brock absolute control over it. After Brock failed to kill Trask, he did so at a golf course prison and made his way up to a building, where the Venom suit fully enveloped him and he jumped off the building.